Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Its you,its you,its all for you!!!

Yea i know it!!!!:P

Sometimes we get into werid situations.Situations that you just cant explain or summarize it.Things that you want but cant have them and certain things that you want to get rid off but you just cant get out of them.Why is it so difficult???????I ask that to myself but ended up not having an answer or having a mixed feelings altogether.I might be good at sulking all the problems and not showing them in the bigger picture but then yes they haunt me most the time.Some people call me introvert or ego centric person.But the thing is I am just not that type of person who would complain,I did rather sulk it inside me and keep quite.Thats surely is a less of drama.I guess since i keep things within me so much.I kind of remain confused most of the times.Confused with incidents,situations and ofcourse people around meh!!:/

This is my third post within a week but there might be time when i might not be updating my blog at all.I guess its just the time as of now that makes me feel like blogging more and ofcourse its for my followers too.CHEERS GUYS.

............................... TENZIN :)


  1. Is it werid? I always felt its WEIRD situations. :P
    neways you are right, at some point of time, you just don't find words to describe the state you're going through and even don't find ways to put an end to it or solve it.
    Happens with me too. So, definitely you are not the only one. we are on the same boat..
    but I wish you all the best and may you gather strength to avoid all the negativity and confusions that's coming your way.
    and yes' about the complains and confusions, don't bury it inside you. What am I for???

    Lots of love.

  2. see this is also one situtation dat i cant fully express myself!!!words fall short!!!will catch you on evening!!!!:)

    urs DOJAY HERO

  3. Uh.. I feel'ya.. Going through the same thing. :/

  4. & being impatient is my disease !

    Do check my new post !


  5. ha ha ha ha i m impatient too at times!!!its normal!!!!

  6. it's just another day :)

  7. Hey lovely!!! you're so stylish! love your blog!
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