Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sometimes i get a feeling abt how my life sucks big time and how everything around me isnt working out the way i want it to be!!! I once read a article about a person and he quoted “ life is a big joke and i fails to understand it” and when i read those lines i could instantly relate to him!!!i think we all search for the true meaning of life but the motive and purpose about life can differ frm person to person and to be very honest i think i still havent found out the true meaning  abt MY life!!!maybe because  i m young or maybe its because i m not very ambitious person by nature(more of a chilled person)But so many maybe's itself confuse me at times and there also are times when i question myself "why m i like this???????" and then another question????? pops up on my mind!!So,many whys and i still have to find those answers and hopefully one day with all the answers i can say”I M STARTING TO FEEL OKAY” J
-------------------- TENZIN