About Who I am?

  • My name is Tenzin Dorjee living in Kathmandu, Nepal - a crazy yet the most beautiful place to live iFeel. 
  • A Bachelor Level Hotel Management student.
  • Loves travelling to new places and new people gives me a way of learning new ideas and thoughts everyday.
  • iLove Fashion!! FASHION iBelieve is more about looking presentable with or without any brand tagged with it.
  • iCare to listen to country songs.
  • and iDislike Winter, the cold feeling!! 
  • Not arrogant, rude or attitude, but yes' you can term me "INTROVERT". 

Why blogging?

  • Most of my friends blog and I honestly think blogging is cool and interesting but I have always felt its not my cup of tea.and The reason : Very time consuming blehhhh  :p But after tons of thinking, I have come to this point that I will blog and yes' I have almost started!
  • Do Visit again!! (: 

Any Questions: Just mail me

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